I feel so humbled and honoured to have been given the opportunity to take knowledge and the adab that goes indispensably with it from the likes of Dr Ashraf Muneeb (may Allah protect him). 

To learn from someone who sat at the feet of the great scholars of our time thousands of miles away from the comfort of your own home is such an esteemed honour. Not only is it the sacred knowledge you are given but also the manner in which it is delivered is par excellence. The styles and methods employed by our dear respected instructor Shaykh Ashraf (may Allah preserve him) were innovative and profound in delivering a classical, traditional curriculum that made the difficult concepts easy to digest and understand. The classical texts of old were unlocked and made relevant to our present day context. 

May Allah reward him abundantly for his service, dedication and relentless commitment to preserving  and passing down this prophetic inheritance of sacred knowledge.

Burhan Khan

Ustadha Hedaya and Dr. Ayiesha’s sessions are life changing. After only one session, I have become a completely different person. I now have a positive perspective on the past, the present, and the future; giving and receiving all the happiness, the beauty and most importantly the love that permeates every single atom of the universe.

Thanks to Dr Ayiesha and Ustadha Hedaya, I have realized that life is all about love for the sake of Allah, that the more you give, the more you will receive and the happier you will be in this life and the next.

They both also opened my eyes to horizons of meanings about myself and the people who influenced my life, horizons I never thought existed. I had no idea how unbearably heavy my emotional baggage had been, nor how badly it had impacted me, until they helped me take it off my shoulders and I was relieved. They both believe and constantly reminds their patients that Allah is the true Healer and that we should seek His assistance at every step of our recovery by making dua and having full trust in His ultimate generosity.

Only Allah can reward Dr. Ayiesha and Ustadha Hedaya for the help they has offered me. May He continue to help them heal the members of this Ummah from all kinds of physical and emotional stress. May He make them the means by which they become great spouses and parents, productive people, positive human beings who never fail to say something nice, people whose mission in life is to spread their love and happiness in the world. Amen.

Hatim Y

AlhamduliLlah I've had the honor of studying with Sheikh Ashraf for over a decade. He is an excellent teacher and a true scholar of the Islamic sciences. His teaching style is precise and easy to follow. He explains concepts with the use of diagrams, modern-day examples, and inspiring stories. His understanding and practice of the Hanafi madhhab is sound. I recommend all of his classes to anyone truly desiring a solid understanding of their religion.

Naielah Ackbarali

AlhamduliLlah, 11 years ago I was introduced to someone who would go onto become my marriage coach, my Islamic guide and my mentor. It’s very hard to articulate what Ustadha Hedaya Hartford has done for me and my family. No words can do her justice, but I will try...

She has helped me throughout my marriage and has played a huge role in my life as a wife, mother, daughter and student. MashAllah her vast experience in Islamic matters, marriage counseling, women’s issues and child rearing has been greatly appreciated and highly valued by myself, my husband and also my children.

She has a gentle kind approach. She is patient and understanding. Be it health, behavioral, Islamic, or marital, she has helped me correct certain behaviors and guided me along the way. Her experience in OCD and anxiety has also helped many.

I continue to consult Ustadha Hedaya on many matters in my life, deen and dunya, and have directed many ladies to her for the same. AlhamduliLlah, Ustadha Hedaya has been a huge source of inspiration for me, to better myself as a Muslim, a wife and mother. She has been my mentor and the one who has helped me try to become the best version of me.

Samia K

It has been a great blessing that I have had the opportunity to study the Islamic sciences focusing on fiqh, with Dr. Ashraf Muneeb, he has a great way to convey knowledge that makes it easy for the student to comprehend, and in the same linking the various parts of fiqh together to get a whole understanding of shariah according to traditional understanding.


I had been working with Ustadha Hedaya Hartford for over 7 years now ― she is very experienced and my marriage, my child rearing as well as my spiritual life have all improved because of these sessions! I then met Dr. Ayiesha and completed level 1 and I am now in Level 2 of group coaching. I cleared some blocked emotions using the timeline technique, which gave me a new control over my responses because I can now stop and think before reacting. I feel peaceful and I can’t help but spend time imagining who I could be without the heaviness of the scars of my life’s trauma. I now look forward to our session because of my progress and I am enthusiastic to discover more of my authentic, brand-new self.

Nour E

Ustadha Hedaya Hartford has provided me with advice and strategies on how to prioritize and organize my life with relation to career, education, personal health, finance and child rearing.

Ahmed S

Ustadha Hedaya Hartford has helped me in regards to my marriage. My husband and I were struggling with in-law issues and had been for some time.

After sessions with Ustadha Hedaya, we were able to work on our relationship and strengthen our marriage. She taught us how to manage issues that we faced and showed us how to handle them in an Islamic manner. She coached us and provided us with practical techniques on how to deal with the problems and also in ways to ensure they didn't affect our own personal lives.

Ustadha Hedaya doesn't just give you an answer, she gives you the tools to be able to handle future issues that may arise so that you understand and know how to deal with them in the best manner.

Shazia A

Ustadha Hedaya's guidance has been the answer to my prayers, alhamdulillah. I've been so lucky to have her as my mentor in everything in life! Not only has she helped me in navigating through difficult situations in my marriage, but continues to coach me in raising my children with depth, insight and experience unique to her. And I have seen her coaching change many other women and men's lives masha Allah.

I would recommend Ustadha Hedaya hands down -- let her help you by giving you advice you can apply confidently, the fruits of which you will see, insha Allah. Ustadha Hedaya has a sea of knowledge behind her experience; her coaching is supplemented by real life examples of people, as well as factual studies and statistics which give you a realistic path in helping you achieve your goals in life.

Even if you are not married nor have children, Ustadha Hedaya will help you deal with day-to-day situations in a methodical and insightful way. Out of 5 stars, I would give Ustadha Hedaya 6+ and you don't have to be convinced by me -- work with her and you'll know what I mean insha Allah.

Fawzia M

After having my first child, out intimacy suffered. My husband and I didn't know what to do and it was such a sensitive and taboo topic, that we felt stuck... Ustadha Hedaya Hartford helped me deal with this delicate subject in a practical manner.

She is compassionate and has a deep understanding of the sensitivities relating to such a topic. She was able to take into account the stage in my life being a new mother, having new responsibilities and trying to balance my roles in my marriage. I was comfortable that my coaching sessions with Ustadha Hedaya were confidential and non judgmental.

Mona G

I never enjoyed true happiness till I met Ustadha Hedaya and Dr. Ayiesha. I was constantly weighed down, no matter what I did I always felt a heaviness in my heart and soul, a darkness that destroyed my chance at living a happy, fulfilling life. This affected my relationship with my husband and children. I found it very difficult to relax and enjoy them as I had this constant heaviness weighing me down. That feeling came out in everything I said or did. I felt helpless that my life was going to always be like this and that I was destroying my marriage and my children's future. Then I was referred to Ustadha Hedaya and Dr. Ayiesha. I started coaching sessions with them and have never looked back. I'm so much happier, true happiness from the inside out. I'm calmer and fun to be with! My husband hasn't ever been as in love with me as he is now and my children are so much happier. I can be the person that's always been inside. I feel I can really live my life now. I'm not tied down to my past. Having the coaching sessions has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Duha G

Before I started the group coaching sessions with Dr Ayiesha, I felt that my marriage of 7 years was really average and okay, there were times of bickering or feeling dissatisfied but generally we were getting on day to day. I just put it down to having small children and the honeymoon phase definitely being over!

ons of what our conversations may sound like, she was expertly able to ‘diagnose’ the area that needed work. To me, that showed how experienced she is at seeing patterns of behavior and understanding the causes. I felt that I did not need to do much on my part, but the change that occurred was quite magical. Within the first week I was taken out for a meal quite by surprise, the week after I was taken shopping, he bought me shoes and my shopping needs were given priority. The week after that my husband got to work on household jobs that have been ‘work in progress’ for over a year…Those things above may sound normal for some husbands, but my husband dislikes going out to eat and shopping!

Actually those outward changes were not all; the best outcome has been feeling more in love, intimate and emotionally connected with my husband. I’m truly grateful to Allah SWT for blessing me with Dr Ayiesha in my life, and guiding me to her coaching.

It’s difficult to describe this final bit, Dr Ayiesha is brimming with sincerity, love, and deep concern for all those whom she works with. It really is a powerful feeling that she transmits through her positive, happy energy! She is a really special sister. I pray Allah SWT blesses her and her family with complete tawfiq in all of their endeavors and rewards them with a generous reward in this life and the hereafter.

Sundus R

What struck me about Dr Ayiesha and Ustadha Hedaya's marriage coaching is that it wasn't "couple's coaching" where the two sat together and recounted their differences. Instead they counseled each person separately, ascertaining what the "real issue" was and how much had to do with the marriage versus personal issues. It was very positive and took the relationship to a new level of harmony AlhamduliLlah.

Hasan A