Basic Fiqh of Menstruation

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Basic Fiqh of Menstruation

This course is the first of the series of the Fiqh of Menstruation. It will cover the introductory fiqh of menstruation as well as the female anatomy. This course will require  5 - 10 hours a week commitment from you.  

Their material is based on the great Ottoman scholar Imam Birgivi’s Treatise Dhukhr al-Muta’ahhilin wa al-Nisa’ fi ta’rif al-Athar wa al-Dima’ (The Treasure of Those with Families and women in the knowledge of menstruation), along with Imam Ibn ‘Abidin’s commentary of it. According to Imam Ibn ‘Abidin, this treatise by Imam Birgivi is the principal reference for menstruation and lochia and their related rulings in the Hanafi school. 

“Menstruation is amongst the most difficult topics in the study of fiqh. The magnitude of this knowledge is apparent by the detriment caused by the ignorance of it. Attentiveness to these rulings is vital because of the consequences they have on rulings of purification, prayer, reading the Qur’an, fasting, spiritual retreat, pilgrimage, reaching puberty, marital relations, divorce, waiting period after divorce, and others. Familiarity with these rulings is essential; otherwise, forbidden (haram) acts are done without even realizing it.”—Imam Birgivi


NOTE: Those seeking their obligatory knowledge (fard al-ayn) can take both the Basic Fiqh of Menstruation and Basic Fiqh of Lochia and Chronic Annulment without the quizzes.  

Only those intending to complete the four-course series on menstruation are required to take the quizzes and final.

Start Date: Feb 5, 2022

Day/Time: Saturday 5:00 PM UTC

Course Duration: 8 weeks (60 min)