Tajweed Essentials & Qai’dah Nooraniyyah

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Tajweed Essentials & Qai’dah Nooraniyyah

This course will take you from no knowledge of Tajweed to a level of proficiency.
Put into place the foundations for reading Arabic correctly.
Learn fundamental rules of Quranic recitation including articulation. 

Course Summary
The methods used in the course via the text, is the best way to learn how to recite: through practical application and repetition which aids in memorisation of the rules.

The teacher will go over the theory with the student and then ensure, through proper application, that the student is applying the rules through recitation. 

Course Syllabus

Proper understanding and application of stopping while reciting
Long Vowels
The Enabling Hamza (hamzat al-wasl)
Sun & Moon Letters
Lengthened Vowels (madd)
Doubled Nun and Double Mim
Merging the Silent Nun into Ya and Waw (Idgham)
Merging the Silent Nun into Lam and Ra (Idgham)
Hiding the Silent Nun (Ikhfa)
Hiding the Silent Mim and Turning the Silent Nun into a Hidden Mim (Iqlab)

Course Format
The course will consist of weekly Live Sessions. 

Weekly Time Commitment
Two hours a week to learning the rules and practicing with correct recitation should be expected though that greatly depends on the student's abilities. 

Recommended Background
No background is required.

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