Preparing for Marriage

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Preparing for Marriage

Deciding to get married is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. It really is a decision you need to get right. Bad choices, lead to miserable marriages and pain that can often be avoided. The pain of divorce, especially when there are children involved, spans for generations- equip yourself to make your marriage work. As you embark on this important journey of your life, we would like to be by your side sharing our years of experience and wisdom to help you make the right choices and answer questions you may have, however personal.

We believe most people do not have marriage problems, but personal issues and we aim to highlight areas that you need to work on yourself before you get married. We will also be discussing what to look for, what to avoid, how to build love in your marriage and introduce you to parenting. As the Hadith says: “prevention is better than cure” and view this marriage course as an invaluable tool for preventing marriage problems, insha Allah.

This is a 5-week course which will have one live class per week as well as course resources.

There is a discussion forum where you are able to ask questions to the instructors and follow discussions.

This course is suitable for those seeking to get married and parents with children of marriageable age. 

This course discusses important issues such as:

  • Am I expected to have intimate relations with someone I hardly know? Is it unreasonable to ask my husband for time after marriage to get to know each other first?
  • Do I need to sort my anger issues out before marriage?
  • Can marriage help me overcome my porn addiction?
  • What do I need to learn prior to getting married?
  • Financial considerations! How much should I be earning before marriage? Do I need my own place? What if my wife complains about my income?
  • How flexible should I be with my wife visiting her family and going out? What’s the balance between being a kind husband and a doormat?
  • The types of contraception and Sharia rulings regarding them
  • How much about my past do I need to tell my future spouse?
  • How will my life change once I am married?
  • How long into the marriage will I know whether I made the right choice?
  • I’ve never seen a happy marriage, how will I know what kind of home to build?
  • Brothers have advised me I need to be very strict with my wife at the beginning or she will get out of hand and I will never get that control right, is that right?
  • How to avoid my mother or mother-in-law controlling us after marriage?
  • How to not break my husband’s heart