Islamic Marriage

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Islamic Marriage

Start Date: Feb 6, 2022

Day/Time: Sunday 5:00 PM UTC

Course Duration: 8 weeks (60 min)

Islamic Marriage will cover the following:

  •  Islamic Character and Pre-Cursors to Marriage
    • Islamic Akhlaq
    • The Quranic and Hadith Sources
    • The Definition of an Islamic Marriage
    • Who Should Marry
    • The Process of Looking for a Spouse
    • Choosing a Spouse
  • The Fiqh of Marriage and Divorce
    • The Marriage Contract
    • Basic Fiqh of Divorce and the different types of Divorce
    • Can a Woman Marry without a Guardian?
  • Psychological Factors and Staying Married
    • Arguing Styles
    • Triggers and Dramas
    • Victimhood and Nagging
    • Analyzing marital issues and destructive habits
    • In-laws
    • Giving and Taking Marital Advice