AAOIFI Shari'ah Standard # 15: Ju’alah

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AAOIFI Shari'ah Standard # 15: Ju’alah

Description: The course will cover the rules of Ju’alah, its elements, conditions, legal status in the Shari’ah, fundamental rules, and its application in activities for which the extent of the work required cannot be precisely determined for it continues throughout the determined period.


Start Date: Nov 27, 2022

Day/Time: Sunday 10:30 AM UTC

Course Duration: 4 weeks (50 min)

Main Topics:

  • Definition of Ju’alah
  • Distinction between Ju’alah and Ijarah
  • Permissibility of the Ju’alah
  • Shari’ah Status of Ju’alah
  • Elements of Ju’alah and Its Conditions.
  • Revocation of Ju’alah
  • Applications of Ju’alah