AAOIFI Shari’ah Standard # 46: Investment Agency

From25/12/2022To15/01/2023 Days: Sun
Time: 10:30AM UTC/GMT
Registration Opens: From02/11/2022To02/01/2023
AAOIFI Shari’ah Standard # 46: Investment Agency

Description: The course will cover the rules of Investment Agency in various fields, the conditions for its validity, its types, its implications, its contemporary applications, and the powers and responsibilities of the principal and the investment agent.


Start Date: Dec 25, 2022

Day/Time: Sunday 10:30 AM UTC

Course Duration: 4 weeks (50 min)

Main Topics:

  • Definition of Investment Agency and Its Permissibility
  • Integral Parts and Its Key Types
  • Liability of an Investment Agent
  • Rights and Obligations of the Contracts Executed by the Agent
  • Restrictions Stipulated in Investment Agency
  • Appointment of a Sub-Agent
  • Contemporary Applications of Investment Agency