12 Habits of Successful Muslim Families

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12 Habits of Successful Muslim Families

Children grow up fast.

12 Habits of Successful Families Course will help ensure you have good habits in place in your home to raise religious children. Look around: Are most religious families raising religious children? From our experience, many families are struggling to raise religious children and by the time children are teenagers, it's often too late: you only get one chance to raise them well. Join our 12 Habits course and start implementing these core habits that will transform your family and help ensure your children grow up with love for their deen.

This is a 10-week highly-informative course that meets weekly on Sundays at 6 pm GMT for a one-hour live session. To maximize your participation you will be given exclusive access to a weekly pre-recorded lesson.  Ideally, this should be listened to before the live session.

In addition, your registration fee includes participation on a closed forum and the opportunity to discuss the session highlights and post your questions to the class instructors, which they hope to answer in the live sessions.

Take the opportunity to raise your children with Islamic values from our 12 Habits course.

During the 10 week course, we will be covering the following topics, alongside skills on establishing life habits.
Here is a 10-week course outline: 
Week 1 -How to instill the love of the Qur'an in your child's heart and Prayer: habit 1
Week 2 -  Developing love for the Beloved Prophet of Allah Almighty, may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him: habit 2
Week 3 - Shukr and taqwa as daily habits - habits 3 & 4
Week 4 - Maintaining cleanliness: habit 5
Week 5 - Practising the act of charity: habit 6
Week 6 - Ramadan Habits: habit 7
Week 7 - Good manners and seeking knowledge: habit 8s and 9.
Week 8 -  Establishing good communication: habit 10
Week 9 -  Family activities: habit 11 
Week 10 - Putting first things first: habit 12

Do try and attend the live classes. We will try and make the recordings available after lessons, but do not guarantee this.

You will still have access to pre-recorded material.

*Trigger warning*

The course will cover sensitive adult topics such as domestic violence, sex, pornography, cyberbullying, sexual abuse, and suicide.

Please ensure children are not accessing course content. We recommend headsets.

If any sensitive topics are likely to trigger anxiety in yourself, please do not register.